Daylight Savings: Follow These Tips to Make Time Change Not Affect Your Mood


Daylight Savings: Follow These Tips to Make Time Change Not Affect Your Mood, Tonight plays back the clock one hour must not forget. When are the three really be both. Tonight sleep another hour, but from Sunday onwards the day will have an hour less light , which can often discourage and make our obligations cost us a little more.

sleepWe relate the fall in the cold , rain and early dusk of the day, something that often fatigue and sad.

According to the newspaper ABC , that depression can be combated mood following a series of recommendations that will make our body more easily adapt to the time change .

The Prats specialist in ABC published a few steps to follow so that time can not change our mind:

1. First of all: mentalizing to change our negative thinking. Instead of saying ruefully ” it is night ” thinking is not yet dinner time and , therefore, the day is still late.

2 . Having the time spent: to not be thinking at all times that you’re running the day time there have always busy doing things out , so when you finish you will notice that although it is night , you’re done with your obligations. It is also necessary , if possible , outdoor activities in moments of sunlight.

3 . No change habits and schedules: because the clock back one hour , do not change our daily behavior . Therefore, one must be well psyched that the sunlight is going before, but this should not alter the schedule of our customs . If you usually go to the shower at 8, you need not be under water an hour before.

4. A refreshing nap: when we speak of this rest as Spanish , not referring to four hours on the couch or in bed. 15 minutes of rest after eating will be enough to help start the evening with mood and energy. In those moments after lunch in which they close their own eyes , let your mind blank and set an alarm to alert you to the 15 min . If you resort to the “5 more minutes ” , it does not matter .

5 . It helps the little ones to adapt to change: adults have willpower and we know mentalizing , some sooner and some later but I ended up doing . It is therefore necessary to help children , especially infants, with a more progressive and slow adaptation . To get it right , better little by little.

Although the day seem shorter , that our mind does not shorten the time change .