Barcelona vs Real Madrid: Barca Got 2-1 Victory


Barcelona vs Real Madrid: Barca Got 2-1 Victory, Neymar and Alexis tumble down A Good Madrid: The FC Barcelona has managed to win this Saturday to Real Madrid (2-1 ) in the first ‘Classic’ of the season to have more success than the eternal rival in front of goal but in a strange game , in that the Blaugrana gave the ball voluntarily and fell into his own trap by making whites were better in the second half, but a goal by Alexis Sanchez placed lob his team 6 points up on the table and made useless Jesse final goal .

The Blaugrana managed to take the upper hand , gain leadership after the match and chanted to Alexis that this afternoon confirmed his progress and increased confidence with Vaseline before Diego Lopez Varane and ended with the excitement of a party that Madrid had to press up and times available for the tie , but it fell apart after this.

And it cost Barca take control of the game after giving it away in the first half and suffer , yes, only in the second . The goal of the Chilean wine as water will fall from heaven , as did forget the crossbar of Benzema , a penalty claimed by Cristiano Ronaldo who was clear and gave more value still two actions of an unstoppable Valdes is causing it to take him in failure even when it is still Blaugrana.

Jesse ‘s goal and the discount was for righteousness, for whites deserved more . However a Neymar who was the best , too Messi and Alves , had chances to make it loose the result. In the end, there was not time for much else , an action that was a corner Alves and the club celebrated the victory after the final suffering , and the Madrid regretted not being more lethal , as used to be .

And the initial 0-0 as Neymar wiped out in the 18th minute , capping a good deed of Iniesta , perhaps because the stage, played his best game of the season with a strong presence especially in the first half. On this occasion , the Brazilian wanted to join the bandwagon of good first ‘classic’ than did their compatriots Romario , Rivaldo and Ronaldinho and not only opened the can but it was the power and danger of the Catalans .

It was hoped that FC Barcelona had the ball and that Real Madrid tried to leave and kill the counter , where you really are deadly and ordered the trident Ancelotti in his ‘ debut ‘ , Di Maria , Ronaldo and Bale. However, despite 70% of possession Barca on many occasions , Martino made ​​the first move to give the ball to the opponent .

Real, who did not come to play with initiative , but to wait and hit , did not know what to do with the ball . He had long possessions , but away from the area of ​​a troubled Valdes and not two distant shots and clouds of Gareth Bale and only had to be fine , and did, break the edge of the center which topped Khedira Ronaldo .

However, in the second part , this measure became Barca against Madrid since , already established , it grew and understood the way to get to Valdes . The Blaugrana got the feeling they did not want that script and , uneasy , began to experience the rush of a white suite refreshed with Benzema , who sent a rocket to the bar shortly after entering it was a draw.

So unexpected was a game without too many chances or sense of danger , but with tension. There were no dirty deeds , the weather was calmer, and already in the second half football level rose . The Madrid tried to bite more , Neymar was 2-0 in his boots but Diego Lopez was very helpful and successful.

Previously , Messi also took action to expand the score but he inexplicably failed before the white keeper after a gallop of midfield , though, pressed for a rapid Pepe . So the tables , the whole Madrid needed freshness , change things, and the first step was to take ‘ Carletto ‘ was changed to Ramos admonished by Illarramendi .

He sought clarity as Barca gave the ball , but it came with Benzema. By Martino , Iniesta brought Song to input , in a change not so accepted , to tie and the game, and look at the speed of Alexis , relieving the weary Cesc , the 2-0 that came in handy with Vaseline ‘s ‘ great player ‘ .

RESULT: FC BARCELONA , 2 – REAL MADRID , 1 ( 1-0 , rest) .

FC BARCELONA : Valdes , Alves , Pique , Mascherano , Adriano , Busquets , Xavi , Iniesta ( Song , Min.76 ), Messi , Fabregas (Alexis , Min.69 ) and Neymar (Peter, min.84 ) .

REAL MADRID: Diego Lopez, Carvajal , Varane , Pepe , Marcelo , Khedira , Ramos ( Illarramendi , Min.56 ) , Modric , Di Maria ( Jesse, min.75 ) , Bale ( Benzema , min.60 ) and Cristiano Ronaldo .

1-0 . Min.18 , Neymar .

2-0 . Min.78 , Alexis.

2-1. Min.90 , Jesse.

– REFEREE : Undiano Mallenco (Col. Navarro) . Admonished Busquets ( min.7 ) , Adriano ( min.34 ) at FC Barcelona and Sergio Ramos ( Min.13 ) , Bale ( min.45 ) , Khedira ( min.58 ) , Marcelo ( Min.63 ) , Christian Ronaldo ( Min.80 ) at Real Madrid.