“Mind Reading” Recipes of FBI and CIA People Use


“Mind Reading” Recipes of FBI and CIA People Use: With the scientific method with the help of the brain, one can hardly stand your asses …

Knowing what people will do, read thoughts, the mind is always another dream that every individual wants to achieve. Imagine, if the brain can help you do all this supernatural ability, you would easily succeed in life, to become “king” in the “kingdom” of themselves.

With the development of science and more in-depth research, ultimately, we can come very close to the threshold of her own ability …

From the accidental discovery of “mirror neurons”

In 1996, while surveying Macaque monkey brain, three scientists accidentally discovered a cluster of nerve cells in the animal cortex, is responsible for the response to the behavior plan.

Surprisingly, this unit only works when Macaque monkeys do something, but when it works even see a gesture, even the smallest of the other monkeys. Because of the ability to respond when stimulated particularly by the actions of other individuals, professionals named cluster of neurons that are “mirror neurons”.

Research on the Macaque monkey brain has opened a new page for the development of scientific “mind reading”.

Then, the “mirror neurons” has also been shown to exist in humans. The scientists even confirmed that neurons form possesses the ability to respond well to feelings, behavior, emotions.

Marco Iacoboni – neuroscientist at the University of California said that “mirror neurons showed us how others pretend play. In other words, the mirror neurons, we simply read the minds of others. ”

The mirror neurons are hyper critical of hidden capabilities.

Theory … Introduction …

Since the discovery of “mirror neurons”, experts began to form 2 system with desired theoretical acquire the ability to read others mind: the theory theory theory and simulation.

Theory theory describes the ability to feel other people’s minds us, formed in the process of learning and development. The brain will collect data from the acts, gestures and reactions of ordinary people, which helps us predict people’s feelings in the future when the same thing repeated.

Meanwhile, theoretical simulations confirmed that the ability to predict natural. According to Vittorio Gallese – neuroscientist at the University of Parma (Italy) said that, when exposed themselves to others, especially the brain and “mirror neurons” did more than we thought.

When communicating, the brain has to reconstruct images of the brain opposite, simulation activities, their feelings in my head. That is why we have sympathy with those around them, simply because the brain seemed to know they will like and recreate the same feelings in my head.

Approach To Read Minds of others …

Whatever the case, but science still stands at only approach capable of hiding this man. It is important below, we will approach to the “read the” other person is Dr. David J. Lieberman mentioned in the book “You Can Read Anyone” – FBI documents, CIA, NSA and managers in more than 400 U.S. companies use.

The first method is called ” Conflict Events “. This method is said that if you suspect someone is a liar, tell them what you know about the deceptive act and a few more additions that you make sure he or she knows is false.

For example, a child may want to know steal cakes in the cabinet or not, just ask it that it must steal no candy in the refrigerator? You knew that no child sweets and if the candy stick and details replied that “I do have candy in the cupboard instead!” Then you have reason to suspect it. Simple as usual, lying crooks tend to mislead others by sticking to the absurd details he knew.

The second method is the ” advice “. Suspecting someone, ask their advice on the matter that you are suspicious. If natural person, happy to discuss the story, then perhaps you’d be wrong. But who deliberately conceal it, they would have been asked strange expression winning black heart and a little flair, you will “catch alive” is that.

The third method is called “g ay attention “. Conceivably this way through a classic example: When you want to investigate someone who sold information to the company’s internal competition, let the suspects see the names of about 3.4 the competitors, including those who purchased internal information of your company.

Then ask the audience question what they think is the culprit to distract and observations. Unconsciously, who sold information to note than in the name of him who sold information to the eye and know that you have been hiding the truth.

Traitors will surely stop looking so set his profile name who sold information.

Another way is also common applications are taking advantage of the characteristics of fraud is always trying to clean themselves. For problem solving only a unique and well-known, ask the audience if they suspect how for it. Most liars will try to answer in circles and ineffective.

Recipes “mind reading” of the FBI and CIA people use 10

Fifth method called ” expression “. It is proposed based on the scientific evidence that humans tend to remove all links to conceal what he was unaware of the action was only aimed at making them more suspicious.

For example, I loved sneaking suspicion smoke, pretending to read the newspaper and talk in front of him by accident “It turned out that when smokers, people often drink too little.” If suddenly from that day listeners often deliberately drink in front of you, then perhaps you could confirm his suspicions and know.

The final method that David J. Lieberman mentioned in his book, which is “t tion sizes used in confidence and pressure . ” Normally, a person is not hiding anything wrong or would be comfortable, confident in any slightest action. However, a fraud detection and others fear their jobs are always under tremendous pressure.

You can recognize a liar or carelessness in the smallest act like pouring water?

Experts proved that, when lack of confidence, people are paying attention to myself, even with simple things like pouring water, pull seat … The eyes stared, covered toilet repeatedly, the slow, careful overkill … which is pretty self-accusations of misconduct of others if you notice the eye.

Structures:  With the ability to “read the thoughts” of others will help us to be more proactive in life, self-confidence and coping with handling all unexpected situations. However, if the recipes use too much, you will become someone who lived in disbelief of others. Learn to trust, that is the real purpose of striving life.

Credits: Posts may use reference materials from the source: LiveScience, NewScientist, The Book “You Can Read Anyone”