Syria Demands U.S Evidence of Chemical Attack Involvement


Syria Demands U.S Evidence of Chemical Attack Involvement: The Syrian Foreign Minister Walid al-Muallem, has claimed on Tuesday the Government of the United States to present publicly the evidence confirming the involvement believes government of Bashar al Assad chemical attack perpetrated on August 21 outside Damascus, while Syria has warned that it will defend itself if it is attacked U.S. military.

At a press conference in Damascus, Al Muallem has rejected “completely” allegations that would suggest that the regime used chemical weapons in the attack last Wednesday and has challenged Americans to present evidence that would support these allegations, as reported British newspaper ‘The Guardian’.

The Syrian foreign minister has denied that his government is obstructing the work of the delegation of inspectors from the UN chemical weapons deployed in Damascus and confirmed to postpone the second round of visits that were planned Tuesday Nations technicians United.

In this regard, he recalled that the inspectors had no trouble doing his job on Monday, when they were in an area under government control, and the difficulties have come a day later, when they enter an area not controlled by the regime.

Al Muallem consider that a U.S. military attack on Syrian territory only benefit Israel and the Frente Al Nusra, the terrorist group linked to al Qaeda forces fighting al-Assad regime.

The Syrian foreign minister has accused the U.S. of violating international law and stressed that the world is experiencing a time subject to the “law of the jungle”. It also recognized that the Syrian regime fears being attacked U.S. military. If that aggression occurs, stressed, Syria will respond with all measures at its disposal.

In relation to the cancellation of the contacts between the U.S. and Russia on Syria, Al Muallem expressed his skepticism about the effectiveness of these meetings and has made clear that the Obama administration presiding not want a political solution in Syria.

The Syrian foreign minister has said he thought that a U.S. attack will reduce the people’s support to the Syrian Government to fall into the “simple imagination” and called on U.S. citizens to accept that what he says his Executive on the use of chemical weapons by Assad forces “not true”.

Also referred to British Foreign Minister, William Hague, and has been accused of providing “misinformation” about the use of chemical weapons in Syria. In the same vein, according to ‘The Guardian’, has made it clear that the U.S. Foreign Minister, John Kerry, has no evidence that the Syrian regime has used chemical weapons.