The U.S Miliatry Attack Against Syria Could Begin


The U.S Military Attack Against Syria Could Begin: The Syrian missile attack could be launched “as soon as this Thursday,” have revealed to NBC senior officials of the Administration of Barack Obama, as the White House continues with the contacts on the response to suspected weapons attack chemical last week.

According to these sources, the bombing would last “three days” and have a limited reach. The main objective would send a message to the regime of Bashar al Assad, have stated the sources.

This information matches the published Tuesday by The Washington Post, pointing to Obama is considering a military strike against Syria of limited scope and duration, no more than two days.

Such an attack, according to government sources consulted, would be done with cruise missiles launched from the sea or from long-range bombers as targets military installations would not directly linked to the Syrian chemical arsenal.

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According to the sources consulted by NBC, it is unlikely that the attack occurs before the team of inspectors from the Chemical Weapons UN leave the country, which is scheduled for Sunday.

Also responsible consulted have said that any military intervention will not seek to kill Assad and will be limited, since the aim is to respond to the use of chemical weapons.

Meanwhile, the commander of the Free Syrian Army (SLA, the main armed opposition group), Salim Idris, considered on Tuesday that air strikes are necessary to prevent the Assad regime do more chemical attacks.

If there is no action, we fear that in the coming days, not in the next few weeks, Bashar chemicals and materials used chemical weapons against large areas and, I fear, will kill perhaps 20,000 or 30,000 people,” said NBC News.