Windows Phone Notification Center leaked Images

Windows Phone Notification Center

Windows Phone Notification Center leaked Images: While we wait to spare us already, we finally have an idea of ​​how it will look Notification Center of Windows Phone, it’s about time we saw him.

The notification center Windows Phone would be included in the next major update of the operating system, but when going out the same. Interestingly, the leaked images come from someone who bought a Lumia 920 on eBay, which obviously was not normal.
Windows Phone Notification CenterAnd not because it’s horribly obvious that the notification center Windows Phone was something huge was missing, but because from Microsoft admitted they were working on it, but ran out of time for the launch of the new operating system version year past, Windows Phone 8. Yes, anyone can really tight in this contradict the lack of notification center Windows Phone in the system, but, bad news: the Live Tiles are not an optimal solution forcing the user to anchor the application if you want to be aware of what happens on your system in general.

Course, are an excellent alternative to see what you are really interested, but force you to open the secondary apps, one by one, to see if something has happened is cumbersome, just what the notification center Windows Phone must solve.

On the other hand, there are more screenshots leaked phone in question, who identifies himself as a Nokia Lumia 920 without major hardware difference, but with an interesting version of software: 12084.WPMAIN (wpbldlab) 20130509-1407 which indicates that it was compiled on May 9, but the number itself also keeps its intricacies, as the version of the operating system is still Windows Phone 8, but the build number, 12084 is greater than other version numbers compilation leaks have come from other Windows Phone 8.1.

From The Verge have confirmed that this is a trial version of Windows Phone Blue, which I personally do not expect soon, considering that there are still two major updates to Windows Phone 8, being GDR3 later this year.

In addition to the notification center Windows Phone 8 is seen in the images, there are more changes, some already had said when I wrote about what’s missing from Windows Phone 8 to be really competitive, as close apps from multitasking. Also, the calendar is renewed to make way for a weekly view of all our appointments.

Another curiosity is the applications that start with “z” test applications that Microsoft usually included in their phones to developers, so probably we will see later in more detail.

However, the terminal owner has promised more precious photos that will go in your Flickr account, as well as a video demonstrating how to access the notification center.