9 Reasons That Tweetbot The Best Twitter Mobile Client


9 Reasons That Tweetbot The Best Twitter Mobile Client: Tweetbot is considered the best Twitter client for iOS. Here we give you nine reasons why it really is. A pity he did not get-or get-go to other platforms.

Tweetbot“… And for OS X” should finish the title. But what concerns us here are the mobile platforms, and we will discuss it. One of the biggest concerns of the average user is getting the best Twitter client for your smartphone, especially given the poor experience that gives the official client.

Apart from this same official client, and other third parties that are present on all platforms, each operating system has some highlighting. This is the case of Blaq for BlackBerry 10, Falcon Pro for Android, or a long list. In iOS, the opinion is unanimous: Tweetbot is superior. 9 reasons for this positive view Tweetbot widespread:

Customizing. The bottom bar is easily customizable, being able to choose the buttons that show. Apart from the ‘mandatory’ (timeline, mentions, direct messages), there are two holes to fill with two of the remaining four: favorites, retweets, lists, and search.

Gestures. Someone once said that the gestures are infinitely better than the buttons. Have to see what and where, but it certainly is a good starting point. Tweetbot knows and it has implemented in its interface, which is handled largely from gestures: actions and menus depending on whether a tweet slip to the left or the right, the need to update swype, etc.. It also takes action if we double or triple tap on a tweet.

Mutes. Silencing options offered Tweetbot are great, and in fact further improved my opinion of Tweetbot. You can mute a user, keyword, hashtag, or even a specific customer. Not limited to an application, but is also oriented to avoid reading tweets coming from Miso, Spotify, or Formspring.me, for example. Can be adjusted by time intervals: a day, a week, a month, or forever. A respite for those who do not like Eurovision, for example.

Fluency. Tweetbot operation is extremely smooth and natural. No lags, no delays, no waiting almost nothing. Everything works instantly. In the official client even loads instantly updated numbers with our followers, following, and others. This is something that does not happen Tweetbot.

Tweetbot Opinion

Notifications. They are very customizable, and it can be muted between certain times. Although this feature began to go unnoticed with the way ‘Do Not Disturb’ implemented in iOS 6 comes in handy if you want to specifically silence Twitter notifications. For example, while we work.

Lists. Many customers are clumsily implemented, and it is natural to go fast or seeing different lists. Tweetbot is solved in the best way, with a fixed discrete icon that displays to go from one to another. In addition, management is identical to the timeline.

Synchronization. By Tweetmarker to synchronize with other clients, or through iCloud to sync with other devices that also use Tweetbot (iPhone, iPod Touch, OS X). Also, I think it’s the best timing I’ve tried. The faster and more accurately.

Integration with Camera +. I said once that Camera + I think the most complete application to take and edit photos in iOS. Perhaps now is being surpassed by some more recent alternatives, but it seems really powerful. Tweetbot fits perfectly with her giving the sense that we use the same application when we want to attach images, rather than entirely separately.

His method piracy. Implemented a few months ago, and it was very fun to see many tweets with the following message: I’ve tried a pirated copy of @ Tweetbot and I really like, so buy a copy!. A great idea that shows the sense of humor of the guys from Tapbots, which is usually made clear in the Twitter of its creators.

All this does not mean that it is perfect. My opinion of Tweetbot, besides 9 points above, is that it should improve its interface to make it more clear and pleasant, which could be integrated with other applications and not limited to Camera +, or above all, to become multi-platform. But, of course, is the best Twitter client for iOS, by far, at least in my opinion. There is priced too low, but worth every penny it costs.


  1. what I’d really really love is an instant application of mutes. For instance, muting starts after I create a muting rule and if the client has already downloaded messages that would be muted I still get to see them in my tl. Otherwise it’s my top pick too.

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