Manchester United: Phelan “The Referee Ruined The Game”


Manchester United vs Real Madrid: “The Referee Ruined The Game” And “It may be, perhaps, the worst decision I have suffered in my career” Said Phelan (United).

The coach of Manchester United, Mike Phelan, said the referee of the match between the ‘Red Devils’ and Real Madrid, corresponding to the knockout round of the League of Campones, “ruined the game” with the expulsion of Nani, leaving the British with one less player when they went ahead on the scoreboard.

“It was a very big disappointment. Still do not understand what happened or why it happened. Both the coach and the players are looking for an explanation that is between anger and disgrace. Perhaps, perhaps the worst decision I have suffered in my career, “he said.

“It’s a hard job but although it was clear, his decision is disappointing. Ruined the game and changed everything,” said the second United manager, who appeared at a press conference to prevent Alex Ferguson cried out against the referee.

“You are not able to talk to anyone. Says a lot that I’m here and not him to represent this great club,” he explained about the absence of Ferguson.

Phelan said they feel “frustration”. “We were convinced that the tactic was good. Were comfortable, we go well in the second half, we scored, we dominated, we had control of party and even had created one more chance, but this was amazing, frankly. With 11 against Madrid is difficult, with 10 almost impossible, “he said.

Giggs played his 1000 game as a professional player. “We have witnessed this great event for Giggs. Everyone was playing conditions and everyone wanted to play, but after thinking about it we decided to take this team for tactical reasons,” he argued, in the absence of Kagawa in favor of Welsh.

The United will have to recover for next game. “We will meet possibly on Thursday. Rooms We are in FA Cup, well placed in the Premier and move on“, ended the second set Mr. English.