The Madrid Takes Old Trafford And Continues with Dream of ‘Tenth’

The Madrid

The Madrid Takes Old Trafford And Continues with The Dream of ‘Tenth‘: The dream of the ‘Tenth‘ still alive. Despite being on the ropes at various stages of the game, Real Madrid beat United (1-2) at Old Trafford taking advantage of the numerical superiority that gave the referee after the controversial expulsion of Nani and qualified for the quarterfinals of the Champions . A magical week for the white set in which has eliminated Barca in Cup and League has won.The Madrid

  • The Madrid set to beat United in ‘The Theater of Dreams‘.
  • Sergio Ramos scored a own goal early in the second half.
  • The English played better until the expulsion (Red Card) of Nani in the 55th minute.
  • Modric, who had a great game, tied, and sentenced Christian (1-2).

The possession seems a drag in the big games he is present Real Madrid. If in duels against Barcelona, ​​having the ball so much useless and leave spaces behind the Catalans sentenced, this time it was the Whites who had the ‘misfortune’ to dominate the ball.

Kaka took the field in the 44th minute for the injured Di Maria.

The first part was a demonstration of the shortcomings of all white when the opponent is enclosed. The approach of Ferguson was perfect (despite his strange decision to leave Rooney on the bench), he did not leave a space behind and rode deadly counterattacks led by Welbeck.

The Madrid did not see how to create a single occasion and relaxing break goalless draw was a prize, as had Vidic, who crashed a header into the crossbar after a corner and Welbeck himself several times.

Mourinho had to do something and the entry of Kaka by Di Maria injured , it seemed insufficient. After the break the jam went blank before a United overly comfortable. Moreover, bad luck sided with Madrid set because another against United ended in noise in the area and Sergio Ramos put the ball into his own net .

But when he painted worse for Real Madrid, a hard tackle on Nani Arbeloa (who reminded the De Jong on Alonso) ended in red for Luso end. Perhaps overzealous and over half an hour still to play.

Modric entered Madrid Arbeloa and went on the attack with fury led by Croatian player , also in charge of opening the can with a hard blow English from outside the area. Soon after, heel of ‘magician’ Ozil, Higuain and Cristiano pass finished at the far post sentencing the tie.

The United did not give up and, as with Rooney in the field, had caused another hero in the field. Diego Lopez again proved its reliability with several stops of merit, forgave Ronaldo in several counterattacks and the result and did not move. The complete eight-day Madrid real dream and continues with a target between the eyes: the ‘Tenth’ .

1 – Manchester United: De Gea, Rafael (Valencia, m.87), Ferdinand, Vidic, Evra, Carrick, Cleverley (Rooney, m.73), Nani, Welbeck (Young, m.81), Giggs, Van Persie.
2 – Real Madrid: Diego Lopez Arbeloa (Modric, m.59), Varane, Ramos, Coentrao, Khedira, Xabi Alonso, Cristiano, Ozil (Pepe, m.71), Di Maria (Kaka, m.44); Higuain .
Goals: 1-0, m.48: Ramos (pp). 1-1, m.66: Modric. 1-2, m.69: Ronaldo.
Referee: Cuneyt Cakir (Turkey). Admonished Arbeloa, Kaka and Pepe (Real Madrid), as well as Evra and Carrick (Manchester United). Expelled Nani (Manchester United).
Subs: second leg of the knockout stages of the Champions League match at Old Trafford (Manchester, UK).