7 Red Roses Stars Showed Off Via Hand National Security

Tran Thu Ha

7 Red Roses Stars Showed Off Via Hand National Security: Tran Thu Ha, My Tam, Thuy Tien, Mai Khoi the singer fame thanks to the efforts of musicians “I went pristine”.

Tran Thu Ha

Tran Thu HaTran Thu Ha has a head start when she musician Quoc Bao trendsetters and there are many hits, no longer wearing heavy shadow is also the place of two famous artists Tran Hieu, Tran Tien. Two second success of her debut album of Em on pure and last for the period of human with the contribution of National Security as an editor, composer.

With smart qualities and distinct musical personality, she has a firm step and leave a mark in the music free. Later when she did not cooperate much with musician Quoc Bao but she was out again with the Eclipse project with composer Ngoc Dai. Or projects that characterized World Music undeniable Ha Tran was musician Quoc Bao level birth certificate in the first stage of the theater industry.

My Tam

My TamMy Mind is one of the younger brother of the musician Quoc Bao and her career is always looming shadow of this multi-talented musician. Debut album ‘Brown Hair Nightingale’ named Forever love has become her most successful album by multiple hits with new lyrics and melodies, gently.

With the tutelage of National Security, My Tam has become bright stars of Vpop time. More later, she and musician Quoc Bao cooperate with each other less and less, but what in the past enough to both be proud of.

My Tam as additional sources of energy besides good vocal and youthful musical thinking.

Thuy Tien

Many viewers will be surprised with the Thuy Tien sad and early breakup song. Iconic musician Quoc Bao built for the late singer has not really match the tastes of the audience at that time but full of fun. The slightly gloomy gothic rock in the second debut album Sweet and bitter Thuy Tien has left its mark unfamiliar music in English.

From this cooperation Thuy Tien began to be known and popular with the audience. Thuy Tien in the present is one of the famous singers in Vpop songs are audience favorites. Pop music entertainment bold colors are quickly audience favorite show intelligence in response to the music market. Many will regret for an impressive Thuy Tien personality and also collaborated with musician Quoc Bao.

Ngo Thanh Van

Ngo Thanh Van was a revolutionary turning point in the transition from one job to sing under the form hand molded of National Security. The name NTV virus by musicians helped her to quickly attract the attention of the media in terms of personality and color images and music.

Among the beautiful people engaged in professional theater Ngo Thanh Van is quite lucky to have not struggled too long to get attention. Even after this strong cooperation with the National Privacy coast stop she found his real strength is cinema composer of love songs is the impact a change in her career.

Mai Khoi

Mai Khoi is another phenomenon when National Security is not producing her debut disc. However in his album, this artist always looking for her composition suitable to shine.

The first step when developing a solo career when remove vocals Cadillac group, Mai Khoi is a musician Quoc Bao guidance, much less a professional singer. One of the reasons men at writing music for musicians Mai Khoi by the familiarity and understanding.

Yet his compositions so she can have separate colors and create the impression in the hearts of the audience. 2008, Rosary released CDs Mai Khoi Sings National Security has created a special stamp with full voice and pretty sweet.

Hoang Anh

Chance meeting between National Security and Dinh Dang Hoang Anh has created quality music products. From a semi-professional singers active vocal young audiences began to notice when album Half the birth, marks the collaboration of two. National Security review this is the album style alternative rock and Hoang Anh own voice dry cold.

After this album the Huang He continued cooperation with the National Security in the 2nd album called Round Square. Thinking music has changed but the singer has become more mature and create special attraction. Then she slipped nominated for music awards Dedicate yourself to this album.

Nguyen Ha

Nguyen Ha is a name that is not too strange to the audience through his debut album with the name of Eden is highly appreciated. With new songs dedicated to Nguyen Ha National Security has placed the audience a beautiful album both melody and lyrics.

But both took two years to make the album, but the results were not let them down. Album includes songs such as Eden, Do not stir special audience favorite. Same as peers Hoang Anh, Nguyen Ha did not get nominated for Dedication music with her debut album Eden. However, the album, the audience began to shape with a Raw Ha full of indie music.