Zahia Dehar’s Journey Of Bad Girl In Designer Lingerie

Zahia Dehar's Journey Of Bad Girl In Designer Lingerie

Zahia Dehar’s Journey Of Bad Girl In Designer Lingerie:  Zahia Dehar was a high-end call girl and now hand washing hung for made his dream.
Zahia Dehar's Journey Of Bad Girl In Designer LingerieSuddenly After getting famous for sex scandal and scandal with a soccer athlete, Zahia Dehar legacy go ahead penetrate into the interior design industry.

Zahia Dehar was born in 1992 in Algeria. When she was only 16 years old Zahia Dehar was involved in a shocking sex scandal that the people involved are the players in the French national football team Franck Ribery and Karim Benzema.

The story happens in April, 2008 when French police dismantled a hard prostitutes at the bar Zaman Cafe in Paris. Zahia Dehar had a shocking testimony to admit that she had a relationship with Ribery when only 16 years old. In addition, one of her clients have names like Sydney Govou, Karim Benzema, all of which are members of the team shirt Lam. An investigation began in 2010 just before the France squad to attend the FIFA World Cup 2010.

It was therefore time the names of Zahia filled all the French media. But the last two players Franck Ribéry and Karim Benzema were acquitted instead sentenced to 3 years £ and phatt 40,000 treatment.

When 16-year-old Zahia Dehar got to a sex scandal shocks the French sports village. Two players Franck Ribéry and Karim Benzema hell because trot ‘pie paying’ high-end call girl.
Zahia Dehar's Journey Of Bad Girl In Designer LingerieAfter this shocking scandal also tastes posted sensitive personal photos on Twitter, the French media has to give Zahia Dehar a nice little nickname: “her reputation”. In 2010 while at the “peak” of the infamous, Zahia Dehar be some brand hired fashion model. She appeared on the quite renowned magazines such as Vanity Fair and appeared on the cover of V magazine in 2011 with a Chanel outfit.

Fashion designer Karl Lagerfeld after meeting Zahia during the shoot for V magazine she said: “I do not see any sexual Zahia Dehar. She was Lagerfeld’s muse”. When entered the fashion world, Zahia had a decision to become a daring designer lingerie. This is the dream of her much notoriety since childhood.

In 2012, officially launched the first high-end lingerie collection at Paris Fashion Week Spring Summer 2012. Decided to change your life this girl called a sensational fashion in France. Many people doubt the ability of Zahia thinking that a “bad girl” make way Zahia will only cause more scandal to the fashion world in the country.

The but her screen shown at the prestigious Paris week has led many people to change the perception. She now has two high-end lingerie collection show at Paris Fashion Week spring-summer and autumn-winter 2012. Both are experts highly appreciated by the hot lingerie model, to honor the beauty of women.