The Queens of Superbowl: Beyonce And Alicia Keys

Beyonce And Alicia Keys

The Queens of Superbowl: Beyonce And Alicia Keys have been the protagonists along with the Baltimore Ravens and the 49ers in the final of the Super bowl. With two very different styles on stage, the voice of both, Jet became mute for a few minutes to the frenzied Stadium in New Orleans in Louisiana.
Beyonce And Alicia KeysOn this occasion it was Keys who sang the anthem of United States and Beyonce musical protagonist of the rest. Singer Jennifer Hudson has also formed part of the Colophon and together with the choir of the Sandy Hook elementary school in Newtown, Connecticut, has performed “America the Beautiful“.

If it was clear that this duel is followed worldwide, the famous playback of Beyonce in the inauguration of Obama, has done no more than encourage still the meeting.

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The singer was forced to confess in full press conference of presentation of the final of the Superbowl, which had made playback when she sang the national anthem before the footballer President.

Despite her “mistake” everyone has followed relying on it. The performance in the rest of the end of the Super Bowl, is considered the musical show with more television audience of the year in the United States.

This scenario also has had in previous editions, Madonna, Bruce Springsteen, the Rolling Stones, Black Eyed Peas and The Who.

Beyonce has compensated in a spectacular setting and with eyes of half the world on it. She took all her might to scene, showed as lucky star that is, which in good weather face, and that a mistake anyone has it.

The singer has put behind the “stage fright”, has been their finery and a suggestive and tailored leather suit, leaving behind suffered criticisms and his confession at the international level. ‘ Love on top’ was the opening theme that went on to the public.

Beyonce has been found with Kelly Rowland and Michelle Williams, members of the group that it was consecrated, the Destiny’s Child. With them she has sung ‘Bootylicious’, ‘Question’ and ‘Single ladys’.

‘ Crazy in Love’ and the ballad ‘Halo’ were the songs of the repertoire that teleconference to the stadium at the end of the XLVII of football more, asking the artist who was in the spotlight a week ago.