Oscar 2013: Ben Affleck’s “Argo”


Oscar Predictions 2013: Ben Affleck’s “Argo”, Although there Oscar, like Daniel Day-Lewis or Anne Hathaway, who seem to have own for months, this Sunday it seems like one of the most moving ceremonies in recent years. The two grand prizes, best picture and best director, are still unknown. One of the immediate preceding the other by a resounding and controversial absence.

With the numbers in hand, its twelve nominations placed to Lincoln in Steven Spielberg’s big favorite label. But if we go beyond the tyranny of applications and we look back, we can see how the sixteenth president of the United States will not have it easy.

Having seen during awards season culminating this February 24, the best news for the interests of Spielberg arrived last January 10, when the Academy left out Ben Affleck the nominees for best director. Since then, ‘Argo’ and Affleck were imposed at once King Midas of Hollywood and Lincoln at the Golden Globes, the Screen Actors Guild awards, directors, producers and screenwriters.

Each of these awards minimized options other candidates for best picture, including Lincoln, and meant also a slap on the cheek of academics.

WIN AN IMPOSSIBLE: Discounting the Oscar for Daniel Day-Lewis, the Londoner made a hole in his cabinet the same day that he said yes to Spielberg, the total triumph of Lincoln seems pretty unlikely. The of ‘Argo’, at the whim of academics, simply impossible.

The uninvited, we’ll see if Stone, of this edition are Life of Pi Ang Lee (eleven nominations), the bright side of things of David O. Russell (with eight nominations) and Tom Hooper’s Les Miserables (to pray eight nominations), Love of Michael Haneke (five nominations) and The darkest night and unleashed Django (both also with five nominations and both with their directors, Tarantino and Bigelow, out of the nominees).

If we talk about players, as sung like Day-Lewis, or even more, for obvious reasons, is the Oscar of Anne Hathaway. Less than half an hour on screen are enough to last Catwoman to amaze with his breathtaking interpretation of the prostitute Fantine in Les Miserables. An award just and necessary.

VETERANS AND NOVICE: Much tighter is the best actress category. Jessica Chastain started strong, with its role as a tireless Darkest Night (Zero Dark Thirty). But the redhead more as Hollywood has seen gradually to upset Jennifer Lawrence who plays on the good side of things has been eating ground.

Nor should we forget the taste of academics at the edges. And this year they have the longest nominee in history, the exceptional Emmanuel Riva by the devastating Love, and the youngest, Quvenzhane Wallis, the only girl of nine years who stars Southern Wild Beasts.

The fifth actress in contention is the star of the Spanish production impossible, Naomi Watts. It is at that point less outbreaks, but it is to that-for reasons too obvious-we have more affection.

Another Oscar is in the air is a better actor. A category with a class aspirants in which, with permission Seymour Hoffman, De Niro and the great Alan Arkin, Tommy Lee Jones for Lincoln and Christoph Waltz for Django triggered blunt as favorites. Any of the five-and even one that has been left out as Leonardo DiCaprio and Samuel L. Jackson-give luster due to the statuette.

And as far as we concerned, our little heart is with Paco Delgado, Spanish only nominee in this 85th edition of the Academy Awards. After winning the BAFTA for his work on Snow White Paul Berger, the usual costume designer filmmakers like Pedro Almodovar and Alex Iglesia chooses her first Oscar.

Do not have it easy. Compete with Joanna Johnston (Lincoln), Colleen Atwood (Snow White and the Huntsman) and Eiko Ishioka (Mirror, Mirror). But his great rival seems Jacqueline Durran, head of wardrobe Anna Karenina already removed the BAFTA. Hopefully this Sunday at the Dolby Theatre (formerly Kodak Theatre) the canary run better luck and return to Spain with an Oscar to go with his new big head.

– The complete list of Oscar Nominees is available on the Website of the Academy Awards for the Arts and Sciences in Hollywood.