Johnny Depp Close Call: Actor “Almost Mangled” on “Lone Ranger”


Johnny Depp Close Call: Actor Was “Almost Mangled” While Filming on “Lone Ranger”: Johnny Depp almost died on the set of “The Lone Ranger”, the upcoming Disney film, which also stars Armie Hammer. The actor made the big reveal of David Letterman the other night.

Johnny Depp got a little too into character during the filming of “The Lone Ranger”. The actor, who played Tonto in the upcoming West had a close encounter with getting “horribly maimed” together, according to a February 21, E! News reports.

During his visit to the “Late Show with David Letterman” on Thursday, the actor recalled the unpleasant experience.

Dressed in his car looking scarves and bohemian chic, Depp recalls how he was nearly killed when one of the horses used in shooting him down, because he was using a “fake” saddle.

Last night on The Late Show With David Letterman, the actor elaborated on the near fatal accident.

Depp said: “The horse was unaware that the saddle I was wearing to sit on top of it was jury-rigged, kind of faked … to give the effect that I’m riding bareback. So basically it’s not very tight on the horse. So when we came down, the saddle slipped and I went to the left and had the reins here and somehow had the wherewithal to grab the mane of the horse.”

“I landed on my back, hit the deck pretty hard and the one thing that saved me was the horse’s instinct to lift his front legs and go over me, step over me. Had he not, it was coming straight down into the head.”