Django Unchained And Naomi Watts, Oscar Favorites on Twitter


Django Unchained and Naomi Watts, Oscar Favorites on Twitter: Why The Quentin Tarantino, Djando triggered, the leading actress of the impossible, Naomi Watts, actor Bradley Cooper starred in the bright side of things and the director of Love, Michael Haneke, are chosen by users of Twitter in Spain to claim the Oscar for Best Picture, Best Actress, Best Actor and Best Director this Sunday at Oscars.

The Oscar Awards gala will be held on Sunday in Los Angeles. However, Twitter users have already placed their bets on who will be chosen on the night of cinema. The company specializes in the monitoring and analysis of the life of brands in social networks, E.Life Monitor, through the tool has analyzed Buzz-monitor ‘tweets’ in Spain to analyze user preferences. It has also taken into account the ‘tweets’ of users in the U.S., Mexico, Brazil and Portugal.

After analyzing 5834 ‘tweets’, in Spain 69 percent of them alluding to the best film. Of this 69 percent of the entries, Django Quentin Tarantino unleashed takes 35 percent, the bright side of things has received 21 percent compared to 18 percent of the entries for Argo, directed by Ben Affleck.

Outside Spain U.S. users Lincoln have chosen, in Mexico have chosen the film Les Miserables, in Brazil the bright side of things, and beasts of the wild south Portugal.

From the tweets analyzed in Spain, 3 percent, alluding to the award for best foreign film. Analyzing these terms, Kon-Tiki, Espen Sandberg and Joachim Roenning, has received 62 tweets (41 percent); Amour, Michael Haneke, 60 tweets (40 percent), and not by Pablo Larrain, has received 18 percent of mentions (27 tweets).

Except in Spain, in the other countries surveyed, the U.S., Mexico, Brazil and Portugal have chosen winner to Love, Michael Haneke.

As for the category of Best Director, of all ‘tweets’ 11 percent have hinted at the most popular directors. Of these, Michael Haneke for Love would take the Oscar for Best Director with 55 percent of the entries, I would Seteve Spielberg for Lincoln, with 39 percent and Ang Lee, Life of Pi, with 29 cent of ‘tweets’.

In this category, users of Twitter in Mexico also remain as a director with Haneke. However, in the U.S., Brazil and Portugal is Steven Spielberg for Lincoln.

When it comes to the best female performances, the nominees were mentioned by 10 percent (581 of 5834 tweets analyzed). Stresses with 49 percent mentions of Naomi Watts, star of The Impossible (282 tweets), followed with 202 tweets Jennifer Lawrence, star of the bright side of things with 35 percent of the entries and the list closes Jessica Chastin, star of the darkest night with 58 tweets (10 percent).

In the other countries surveyed, the protagonist to win the Oscar for Best Actress is Jennifer Lawrence on the bright side of things, with the exception of Portugal, who chose a Quvenzhane Wallis, star of South Wild Beasts.

For male interpretations, these were the least mentioned on Twitter. Of all the ‘tweets’, only 467, 8 percent alluded to these nominees. The Oscar for Best Actor would lead with 32 percent of mentions Bradley Cooper (150 tweets) on the bright side of things. Hugh Jackman would follow with 115 tweets (25 percent) for his performance in Les Miserables, and Denzel Washington finally close this list with 21 percent of the mentions for her performance in The Flight.

In the latter category analyzed, Bradley Cooper is also a favorite in Brazil. However, U.S. users and Mexico are committed to Hugh Jackman and Portugal by Daniel Day-Lewis for his role in Lincoln.