Lady Gaga Canceled The World Tour Suffer A Disease

Lady Gaga Canceled The World Tour Suffer A Disease

Lady Gaga Canceled The World Tour Suffer A DiseaseLady Gaga Canceled The World Tour Suffer A Disease Which Prevents Her From Walking: Lady Gaga has been forced to cancel her tour Born this way by severe illness.

The eccentric diva suffers a while chronic pain in the joints that can not walk.

Lady Gaga is very affected by this disease. “I am absolutely devastated and heartbroken have Been hiding this injury and pain to my computer for a month, praying for healing, but after the performance last night, could not walk,” she said in a statement.

At first only a few canceled concerts in Chicago, Ontario, and Detroit, but now the singer has confirmed she has to cancel her trip completely and can not continue with the pace of life and work that involves a tour around the world .

The disease is called Synovitis and inflammation that sometimes leads to a sprain or injury. The singer also wrote on her Twitter account “I hope I recover as soon as possible and is a 500 percent again, which is what they deserve.”

The singer has two years on her world tour Born This Way Ball, whose dates are extended even until 20 March. And so far wanted to keep her illness away because she says she did not want to disappoint my fans.

But this problem could no longer hide more by gravity, the artist can not walk and therefore their lifestyle has to decelerate.

The artist wrote the following message sorry to her fans “I’ve been praying to heal. I hid my team, I do not want to disappoint my fans incredible. Nevertheless, after the performance last night and could not walk yet I can not. “

She also said “The fans in Chicago Detroit & Hamilton, I hope you can forgive me, as it is almost impossible for me to forgive myself”.

I am Devastated and sad. Hopefully it heals as quickly as possible, not like this. Hate this much. I love you and I’m sorry.