Taylor Swift And Harry Styles Participate In Kids Choice Awards: For the fans of Taylor Swift and Harry Styles. Mark the date of March 26 in red, because that will be the day that these two singers again in a public match.
Taylor Swift And Harry Styles Participate In Kids Choice AwardsAnd is that Taylor Swift and Harry Styles be competing for the award for ‘Best Song of the Year’, thanks to their mythical themes ‘re never getting back together and What makes you beautiful of Swift and One Direction respectively.

Both players have been nominated for awards Nickelodeon child chain the K ids Choice Awards, some awards that year after year they get together the most beloved celebrities young audiences.

In this edition the illness is insured, as many eyes will not lose sight of the new ‘American Wedding’ and member of One Direction . They try to capture eyes betray any sign that these two singers who not long ago starred sweetened love scenes and romantic getaways in the English countryside.

Unfortunately, earlier this year his idyllic love story blew up and now both trying to put their lives separately.

In the Kids Choice Awards we check if Taylor and Harry on speaking terms if you notice exchanges of glances or if there is still some remnant of his love.