Google Glass Project: Experience Real Smart Glasses

Google Glass

Google Glass Project: Ever since Google launched the Smart Glass Project surely many people have been wondering what will feel when wearing these glasses on face? Google came up with the answer.

Google GlassGoogle has recently published on the official website on your smart Project Glass glasses a series of photos and video of the actual interface using smart glass. Video shows users ordered Glass Project performed functions through voice, video, take photos, send messages or share information. Project Glass is also equipped with auto-photography or taking pictures after each period certain period of time (such as 5 to 10 seconds)

In addition, users can also use Project Glass to find information or direct dictionary … all done through voice and start using voice commands “OK, Glass.” Google said all All images and video are recorded directly from glass Glass Project, this show smart glass has a very simple interface and hardly affect the user’s eye as many was concerned.

Everything Project Glass display is a small screen appearance in the top right corner of the user’s eyes. addition to the publication of photos and video user interface Project Glass, Google held a contest for for all users around the world, that those who contest and describe how they will use the Project Glass in daily life or in the range of 50 words or less.

The winner will have the opportunity to order glass Glass Project earliest along with the application developers, 1.500USD prices, rather than having to wait Glass Project launched in 2014. If interested, you can read can participate in this contest by Google here .

Actual image of the interface of the Project Glass

Voice commands start “Ok, Glass”.
Video interface
Show information about flight
Way to search through Google Maps
Video chat via Google+ Hangout

Visit Official Google Glass Website: What would you do if you had Glass? Answer with #ifihadglass.