Sony Has Not Shown The PlayStation 4 Hardware


Major Nelson Questioned that Sony has not shown the PlayStation 4 Hardware: The director of programming for Xbox Live, known as Major Nelson, has shown his opinion before the ‘surprising’ presentation of Sony this morning. Since the Japanese company did not show the hardware in the event of New York, Nelson showed his surprise ensuring that it was “Another way to see it“.

Sony announced three weeks ago an event for this Wednesday in New York. After the announcement the expectation was served as both users and experts expected the long-awaited successor to PlayStation 3. However this event surprised users, journalists, experts and the own Microsoft, since Sony has not shown all what was expected, even the own console.

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In the event, the Japanese company was limited to present over the new interface, a new Dualshock and some games. However, there is no trace of the console itself.

After the presentation, Major Nelson claimed through its official Twitter Account: “Would announce a console without displaying it? It is another way of looking at it.” Nelson works in Microsoft Xbox team and is part of the creative team of the Xbox, Kinect and Xbox Live. He is now the director of programming for Xbox Live games network.

Sony showed in New York a new fluid and more social, interface with images of each content that displays menus for interaction, as well as a new driver, Dualshock 4, which includes a touch panel in the front where usually the buttons Select and Start, a share button and even a camera were. At the moment, neither has shown the possibilities of his platform in the cloud,

As for the catalog of games, Sony has shown videos of some games that will be available for its new console. A version of Final Fantasy, Diablo III or Infamous: Second Son are some of the titles available.