Sony Xperia Z: Touchdown Specs And Review

Sony Xperia Z

Sony Xperia Z: Touchdown Specs And Review, The Xperia Z is one of those that seek to highlight and terminals located in the elite. Sony has provided power, good camera, memory and a large 5-inch screen. It also has a stylish design that will make it one of the best, as well as offering quality and good appearance is waterproof.

Sony Xperia ZThe Sony Xperia Z was unveiled at the CES 2013 held in Las Vegas from 7 to 11 January. Now, the company has shown with custom demos for different media in which they have seen its virtues.

The new ‘smartphone’ Sony will be the principal of its high and therefore the company has decided to go for a new design receding curved lines or light band who have had their previous terminals. These design lines will remain, but the new phone will be your star.

The Z Xepria notable for its lightness and thinness, with 146 grams and 7.9 mm. Both the back and front are made of anti-shock and anti-scratch tempered glass, a material also found on the sides. It is a finish reminiscent of the iPhone 4/4S or Nexus 4 but with more dimensions.

Since terminals as the Apple iPhone 4/4S suffered many breaks due to a bet of similar design with glass on both sides, Sony has taken action. Above find a sheet shatterproof glass. In addition, each song of Xperia Z where they meet these side glass is made from a high strength rubber absorb potential impacts.

Xperia ZThe gum has another purpose, which is simply to make a terminal Z Xperia waterproof. The company has decided to include caps for each connection (helmets, microUSB, etc), so the resistance is so high that the ‘smartphone’ not only prevents damage by liquids, but is even submersible. Thus, it is possible to make videos or photos underwater, a very interesting added. It is also resistant to dust or sand, so it can be used without problems on the beach, with dirty or wet hands.

The overall feeling left by this ‘smartphone’ to handle it is offered by one of the best finishes in design to those we have seen. In its compact body, striking just the power button, made of aluminum. This button is located on one side and, as in the Galaxy Note II, it is a very convenient location due to the considerable dimensions of the terminal.

The Xperia Z has a 5-inch screen with an impressive pixel density, 443 dots per inch no less. This definition is at the head of the screens available in the market and is only equaled by the Huawei Ascend D2, also introduced at CES 2013 and pending release.


Another of the strengths of the new Xperia is its quick capture camera 13 megapixel Sony Exmor sensor and RS for next generation mobile, offering a very high quality even in poor light conditions. With a dark box, in the demo we have seen that the result is higher than that obtained by the camera, for example, the Samsung Galaxy SIII. In addition, you take both photos and videos in HDR.

Another interesting feature including Xperia Z is duplication of One-touch screen, similar to allowing Airplay Apple. It works via Wi-Fi direct, but thanks to NFC technology allows easily link the terminal with a Bravia TV with the touch of the remote control. This function will also be compatible with other manufacturers’ TVs LG or Panasonic, although initially without the convenience of NFC.

As for the operating system, the Xperia Z will come with Android 4.1 installed by default, but Sony says it will release an update to 4.2 soon after. To move mount a quad-core Snapdragon S4, will have 2 GB of RAM and 16 GB of internal memory with microSD expandability through.

The launch of Xperia Z is scheduled for late February 2013 and its price has not been announced.

(Note: According to the specs released by Sony, the Xperia Z has a thickness of 7.9 mm, although the company representative in the video says 9.7).