Singer Kylie Minogue Stops Her Music Career

Singer Kylie Minogue

Singer Kylie Minogue Stops Her Music Career: The Australian artist fans receive terrible news today that singer Kylie Minogue stops the music, at least for now.

After celebrating in 2012 its 25th anniversary on stage, five decades plagued international success and recognition, with the new year, the singer has decided to move on, to everyone’s surprise unpleasant.
Singer Kylie MinogueKylie Minogue has broken further her professional relationship with the manager who has followed since the beginning of her career, in 1987. In a very friendly, she claimed it, yes.

Apparently Kylie Minogue has taken this decision in order to focus on her personal life and film career.

Yes, it seems that theirs rather than a final farewell to the music, is a ‘later’, it ensures that what is taken is “a long break”. Hopefully see you again soon at the top of the sales charts and on stage.

Or starring in a movie with her ​​boyfriend, Andres Velencoso. Or all this! By request, do not miss