Megan Fox Become A Sex Object After Being Mother

Megan Fox Become A Sex Object After Being Mother

Megan Fox Wants To Stop Being Seen As A Sex Object After Motherhood: Megan Fox, very suggestive sentence in ‘Esquire’ who does not want to be seen as a sexual complaint.
Megan Fox Become A Sex Object After Being MotherYes, in the interview given to the magazine ‘Esquire’ Megan Fox says she wants to stop being seen as a mere sexual object. However, the cover image starring the actress, is not going to help at all to become an interpreter discrete judged only by their work.

Attire ‘sexy’ hinting bra and panties accompanying cheeky gesture of her face and eyes. This is how you see it on the front page of the February issue of the journal nortemaericana edition in which she speaks, for example, how little I liked fame.

“People think we should shut up the fuck up and stop complaining because we live in a big house and drive a Bentley, so our life should be fantastic. They do not understand is that fame is as harassment of fellow players in the school, but on a global scale, “says Fox in conversation

Megan talks openly about how she felt the time that has been used in films or commercial as a mere claim sexual: “In ‘Hope & Fait or’ Transformers’ for example, I was devoid of power.

I had to eat all the other parts of my personality, and not by me but by how people saw me, because there was nothing more to see and know. that devalued me, because there was nothing, just a picture, a photo, a pose. “

The actress also admits in the interview that has enormous faith in God because she grew up “in the idea that you are safe in God’s hands” and all that one admires beauty icons of all time: Marilyn Monroe.

If you want to stop calling the claim so voluptuous as your body will have to start less suggestive pose, Miss Fox.