Jennifer Lopez And Casper Smart: Marriage Crisis By The Age

Jennifer Lopez and Casper Smart

Jennifer Lopez and Casper SmartJennifer Lopez And Casper Smart: Marriage Crisis By The Age Difference?, There are few couples in the world ‘celebrity’ to them an age difference separates abysmal. Many of them survive.

Others crumble. And there is a third group experiencing existential crises about whether it will work for just that difference of digits in the ID card.

The latter is what is happening with Casper Smart Jennifer Lopez, as has told to the American magazine ‘People’. “The men at this age have a different mindset about the passage of time, and it’s true that I’m not sure what will happen in the future.

Currently we do not stop loving, we become each other happy,” muses for publication .

“I ask, ‘Why do not you go find a young bride and salts here, what you want from me? And you think,’ How long will this last? Think: Well, in 10 years I will if so and he will be well and men at that age they are the truth is we do not know what will happen to us. we’re loving right now. we make each other happy “the artist is sincere.

A sincerity that leads him to look back and recognize that he does not regret anything he has done so far and enjoy his current situation: “At least now I’m at a point where I have to recognize that the choices I made and the things that happened are partly due to me and my decisions. now know I have to be more careful, so I’m being more careful. “

JLO’s words, to which he came “the world below” when it split from Marc Anthony after seven years of marriage and two children together, to suspect that the foundation of that relationship so pretty adorning the pages of coated paper begin to falter.