Lenovo First Interpersonal Computer: Surface Samsung SUR40

Surface Samsung SUR40

Lenovo Introduces the first “Interpersonal Computer” Called Surface Samsung SUR40. We have seen computers with Windows 8 giants like Sony Vaio Tap 20 and also teams that come to be a touch table, as formerly and now called Surface Samsung SUR40. However, what they are up to but Lenovo’s something slightly different and is considered the first “interpersonal computer“.

Surface Samsung SUR40The IdeaCentre Horizon 27 is a priori a ‘tablet’ giant using Windows 8. However, if the user puts in a horizontal position, the interface changes to a self-developed by Lenovo, designed to consume content in the company: videos, photos, music, video games, etc..

The interface supports 10 touch points and runs on a huge 27-inch screen. The idea is that multiple people can touch and see the content they want, independently or in groups, as several videos play simultaneously and can see other things at the same time.

Another key to this team is the use of video games, and certainly in this area there are few similar things. The IdeaCentre allows up to four players to participate simultaneously in one large screen in securities of any genre, from action games to traditional board games.

Because this use “collaborative” team, Lenovo has created different accessories that interact with the touch screen, as hard to play airhockey, sticks for moving a character or throwing dice that allow us as we have a lifetime to play games on the screen.

According to Lenovo, the IdeaCentre Horizon 27 will have an app store that will include more than 5,000 apps dedicated to their particular functions and multi-touch games designed especially for the team.

The Horizon IdeaCentre 27 weighs 7.76 kilos, and has a thickness of one inch. The launch is scheduled for mid-year, at a price of $ 1,699 (1294.6 Euros).