G-Dragon Shows Monotonous Kpop Style

G-Dragon style

G-Dragon Shows Monotonous Kpop Always impress with a unique Style: G-Dragon is not afraid to express his thoughts and Style when Kpop just busy ‘turn’ in certain genres.
G-Dragon styleRecently, in a press conference held before the concert Big Bang Alive Galaxy Tour: The Final took place in the Gymnastics Stadium, G-Dragon said, he felt very happy and touched to witness many fan with enough different religions, languages ​​and sing the songs of Big Bang in Korean.

I feel more confident with pop music and the Big Bang“, G-Dragon said proudly.

Besides, he frankly made the comment about Korean music at the present time: “Frankly, I think the genre in Korea are limited compared to other countries. During making music, I try not to think much about the genre to appeal to the masses. I listen to songs from many different genres than the songs Korea changing dizziness “.

G-Dragon also expressed a desire to Korean music can “go back to the era we create impressive songs and recall memories. In some countries, the songs are all well received, including after two, three months or even half a year after the song appeared.

This expressed his sadness about the Korean music market typically revolves around certain kinds of music and some new songs.

Many netizens expressed agrees with the opinion of the G-Dragon and said: “Korean music market is just around the idol”, “It’s hard to Korean music market changes”.