Dakota Rose: The Real Human Barbie

Dakota Rose Kotakoti The Real Human Barbie

Dakota Rose (Kotakoti), The Real Human Barbie: Dubbed by many as the Real Barbie by¬†Dakota Rose resemblance to the famous doll. The “Real Doll” is known online as “Dakotakoti” or “Kotakoti“.
Dakota Rose Kotakoti The Real Human BarbieKotakoti age is still unknown, but it is believed to be in between 16 and 18 years, and also the place of origin unknown.

With her big blue eyes, white skin and blond hair has been done with the name “Real Barbie“, a name that became a social phenomenon on the Web.

Dakota Rose Kotakoti The Real BarbieDakota has a blog, a Youtube channel and own Facebook and Twitter accounts where she maintains direct contact with her followers, who taught them on a videos that how to do a makeup.