Google Doodle: New Year 2013

Google Doodle New Year 2013

Google Doodle: New Year 2013: Google has wanted to join the New Year’s Eve party by creating a new ‘doodle 2013’. The company has adapted its logo to show more of the references to ‘doodle’ that have been published over the 2012.
Google Doodle New Year 2013Google used to join shared events or festivities featured worldwide by creating new designs for your logo. The now famous ‘doodle’ from Google have become a constant global impact events and dates such as anniversaries or births findings of prominent people in history.

In this way, Google could not miss an appointment with a new ‘doodle’ in new year 2013.

The company has designed a new ‘doodle’ to congratulate the users and see the year taking stock of it. Thus, the new design incorporates reference to other ‘doodle’ that Google has published in this 2012, apart from holidays and featured elements produced during the last 365 days.

In what looks like a real New Year’s Eve party, the letters forming the word Google appear with party hats and even ribbons to welcome the new year. Along with the letters, Google has used characters that have starred in several ‘doodles’ in this 2012.

The design you can see the scientist Niels Bohr, the pianist Clara Schumann and the writer Charles Dickens.

Alongside these protagonists are other allusions as Little Red Riding Hood and the Wolf, a ship from Star Trek and allusions to athletes refer to ‘doodle’ interactive Google published to mark the London 2012 Olympic Games.

This is a very special greeting, which allows Google to gather in a single design many of its creations of the year.

Users who click on the logo will have access to search results for ‘New Year 2012′, so as well as being a good way to congratulate the year, this ‘doodle’ can be a good tool for those seeking information on the last day of the year.