Attractive App Add-on To Help Battery Life of iPhone

iPhone Battery application1

Attractive App Add-on To Help Battery Life of iPhone: This iPhone Battery application will notify all the parameters related to the battery life you need on iPhone, in addition to make suggestions for extended battery life.

Those who use iPhone or other iOS device has always been interested in a problem that is battery life, Apple’s smartphone battery constantly been blamed for loss fast and effective duration as well as relatively poor battery life.

iPhone battery is very difficult and very expensive to replace, so if users miss the “bottle battery” will be “living with floods” during the waiting period … buy new machines.

iPhone Battery application1Currently there are many ways to improve battery life and charging processes, use small volume volume to medium screen brightness and turning off background applications. A solution in sight than it is used “plays diapers” for iPhone or otherwise is tangent buy extra batteries to increase the battery life for the iPhone significantly more.

However, if you do not want to spend money to buy the tiles or you do not like the bulky to carry it, you can try the free app Battery was developed by Lurie Lurceac.

This application has a very simple interface, it will give you a few indicators such as the time from the nearest charging operation, the time required to fully charge the battery runtime and each specific application to the when the battery is empty. If this application notice that you have 10 minutes to watch YouTube before iPhone completely out of battery, you can arrange a time for you to charge the battery in time.

This application also tell you about their call to clean the battery runs out in 2G or 3G mode. The parameters% and display on the iPhone battery is not enough for many smartphones “faint” half as long as 5% of the battery, this will make the application more accurate battery management longer lai.

Ngoai provide the parameters for the use battery most thorough on the iPhone, this application also reminded mode every time you turn on Wi-Fi without using, or give you suggestions for save battery as reducing the brightness, source application shortcuts.

This application is free and is available on the App Store, you can Download this application.

File Version: 1.0, Size: 24.1 MB, Language: English

Requirements: Compatible with iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad. Requires iOS 5.0 or later.