What is Best For Blogger: Notebook or Desktop?

notebook or desktop

What is Best For Blogger: Notebook or Desktop (PC): There is a point that want to be raised for those who work in some way with their blogs. It is better to use a notebook, something personal or a PC, desktop computer, even if it is not shared with the family?

notebook or desktopTo open this space to think about what would be the best technique to structure our blogs work and side projects, without losing in comfort and technical efficiency. Here in this article I will raise general questions about advantages and disadvantages of having a notebook or a PC as a work platform to a blogger. Each person has their needs and demands in choosing the best format.

But I also see the settings for opinion, suggestions and indications of brands, specifications and what you think it is essential that a machine must have to anteder a professional blogger.

Maybe we can get the specifications so that would be a great model and standard notebook PC to blogger? It would be very interesting. And if we get it, I will publish an article with the conclusions of which type is ideal for us bloggers being well catered for our needs.

Advantages of Notebook: The portability of the notebook gives more freedom to take your blogger tool to work where you want and this can be an advantage in determining choice. Also there are models to suit all tastes. If you know exactly what you want a netbook, notebook or ultrabook will serve you without problems.

Buying a good brand, your computer will be for at least 3 or 5 years without upgrades. Prices will vary and, in most cases, are accessible.

Advantages of Desktop (PC): The biggest advantage is the flexibility of PCs to be adaptable. It is possible to upgrade the PC whenever something new appears or a new demand appears. For example: if you need more processing power video, just replace the video card or just put more memory. Sure some parts of notebooks are easy to upgrade, but others are not.

A PC accommodates up better in tables offices, can have a very large monitor and the price of a notebook cool, we can buy a PC even better. Another advantage of a desktop computer is you can mount your settings as you like, piece by piece.

The desktop computer gives you more “firepower”, since you can spend on more specific parts, peripherals turned to their demands.
Disadvantages of Notebook

A disadvantage is the limitation of screen size, which turns an average of 15 “(inches). My personal laptop is 15 “and offers sufficient size to those working mostly with text. But when I need to edit video is not a good option.

Notebooks tends to be too limited in performance. And when equipped with PCs, cost a lot more expensive than average, making investment almost impossible. With the same price of a ultra book, for example, one may buy a powerful PC, including a monitor 29 ‘.

Another disadvantage is that notebooks tend to be more fragile and vulnerable to accidents, especially when transported.

Disadvantages Desktop (PC): The impression I have is that the desktop is outdated faster. Even taking into account an investment more for good settings, it seems that there is always something better right after we bought ours. In the end, just need a good PC to upgrade after about 2 years (or less if you are addicted to technology).

Another problem is that if it is not in his office (could be an office in your home) or inside your room, ends up becoming a computer collective, affordable for the whole family.

And because it is a more powerful machine than the average laptop, you end up putting something to play games, watch movies, listen to their thousands of songs, and other activities that do not just surf the internet and take care of your Blog. It is an advantage and a disadvantage at the same time as you invest in equipment that can be more versatile.

Conclusion: Better if everyone reading this article to help us reach a collective conclusion. As I said earlier, we can share our preferences, even with technical specifications, so that later I can make another article with what would be the ideal model for bloggers to work and use as a tool.

Defend your favorite brands and styles.

Even still use an old notebook that buy in 2007 and never changed. Can you convince me that it is time to look for another (Laptop or desktop PC?) To leverage my best performance as a professional blogger.