The List of Victims: 20 Innocent Children Killed in Connecticut

20 Innocent Children Killed in Connecticut

The List of Victims: 20 Innocent Children Killed in Connecticut: Adam Lanza killed 20 children. Sixteen of them had six years and four were 7. The center’s director, psychologist and four teachers died in these tragic events.

20 Innocent Children Killed in ConnecticutResearch authorities have distributed the list of victims to journalists. The killing of Adam Lanza swept away the life of sixteen children six years, four of seven years, the director of the school in which the facts, the same psychologist and four first grade teachers.

All bodies had between 3 and 11 bullets so the murderer made sure they finished dead, as reported by the coroner’s case. Most small belonged to two different classrooms, but the murderer wanted more and came, at least in another classroom.

Victoria Soto, primary school teacher of 27 years, managed to deceive Adam Lanza esondiendo all students in closets and assuring him that his ‘angels’, as she called them, were in gym class. She is in this tragic list but are his courage, avoided to include 17 names on it.

Those killed in the massacre of Connecticut are:

Ana Marquez-Greene, 6 years. She was the daughter of jazz saxophonist Jimmy Greene. His older brother, aged nine, was saved by being in another class.

Hocksprung Dawn, 47. School principal. Married and had two daughters.

Catherine Hubbard, 6 years. His family has issued a statement claiming to be “truly saddened by the loss of our beautiful daughter. Pray for her and for all the families who are going through this ordeal.”

Jesse Lewis, six years. “I liked math and riding. I left school very happy smiling. Was the last time I saw him,” he assured his father the newspaper ‘New York Post’.

Grace McDonnell, seven years. She was blond, with blue eyes, a “doll” as their neighbors. She had spent the night before putting Christmas lights on your house. Her parents issued a statement claiming to be “overwhelmed by the outpouring of love and support from so many people. Our daughter Grace was the love and light of our family.’s Words can not adequately express our sense of loss.”

Anne Marie Murphy, 52 years. She died protecting children.

Emilie Parker, 6 years. Her grandfather recalled in the Washington Post: “He had a huge heart, always willing to look for another.”

Jack Pinto, six years. He was a member of the school wrestling team.

Pozner Noah, 6 years. He had served six months ago. Her twin sister survived.

Russeau Lauren, 30. He was a substitute teacher. Reached in October.

Sherlach Mary, 56 years. Psychologist center. Witnesses report that was killed while trying to save the children.

Victoria Soto, 27 years. Professor. Life saved condolences students in the closet and face the murderer.

Daniel Barden, seven years. It was part of the swim team and loved to play football.

Olivia Engel, six years. The girl’s family has put a sign next to her house to respect your privacy.

Chase Kowalski, seven years. He loved baseball and playing around the house with a toy SUV.

Benjamin Wheeler, 6 years

Allison Wyatt, 6 years

Charlotte Bacon, 6 years