Vicki Soto Hide 17 Children in A Closet Before Got Killed

Teacher Vicki soto

Vicki Soto Hide 17 Children in A Closet Before Got Killed: Victoria Soto Deceived Adam Lanza and confronted him. When Adam came Lance told that all were small in gym class and pounced on him. She died instantly, but saved the lives of all children.
Teacher Vicki sotoVictoria Soto is a heroine. She is one of 27 people who were killed yesterday in a primary school in the state of Connecticut (USA), but her story has something special.

Soto was five years of teaching children of six years in downtown Sandy Hook, where lived the tragedy. Young was a “loving, smiling, pretty and nice,” as they describe their friends. Moreover, her family says, “adored his little like their children.” And saw what happened, the statement is not part of an exaggeration.

According to the testimonies that have been able to collect, Soto realized immediately that someone was firing indiscriminately at people in the room next door. Her reaction was immediate.

She tried to rescue the 17 small children that were in her class and asked them to hide in closets because they heard noises were part of a game. Made them believe they were part of that game and that winning should hide all and remain silent. Children obeyed their teacher Vicki soto.

When everyone was already inside, Adam Lanza appeared in the doorway of the room and found himself facing Victoria. She, as has transpired, told the murderer that children “were in gym class” and that the classroom was empty. Then she lunged but not long enough to reach the murderer before crushed by falling bullets as long as the testimonials to be collected.

Vicky, as she was known by friends and family, died on the spot and now her closest friends say that “pain is alleviated knowing that Vicky was so brave behavior.” A friend of the girl told today that “last Tuesday, talking to her, I told her ‘angels’ was what he wanted and never part with them.”

A post added in the Facebook page pays memory says: “Vicky, my heart goes out to your family and their hearts broken. Your beautiful and heroic is now framed by the 20 little angels, little stars that shine through now and forever you. Rest in peace. Thanks “.