Katy Perry Jennifer Lopez And Eva Longoria: Spanx Girdles

Katy Perry Jennifer Lopez And Eva Longoria

Katy Perry Jennifer Lopez And Eva Longoria: Addicted to Spanx Girdles, When your body tread the red carpet all eyes are on them. They have some of the most desired body, but sometimes despite appearances to the contrary, these celebrities are not goddesses and go up and down in weight like ordinary mortals.
Katy Perry Jennifer Lopez And Eva LongoriaFor this reason, they have decided to use the strips. This season has become one of the top selling brands, celebrities precisely because they so admired how are you using them have confessed.

The brand that is carried between the famous Spanx Hollywood is one of the most important companies in what relates to these instruments. And, although we have traditionally associated the image strip to a little sensual, this piece has evolved now presenting much more attractive forms.

Jessica Alba admitted that to play the character in Fantastic 4 took the belt, while Jennifer Lopez has admitted that her concerts or gala evenings, Spank belts are your greatest allies.

In addition, Katy Perry, Eva Longoria and Cate Blanchet also confessed this particular secret. As we see, nor the most famous celebrities escape the vagaries of the scale.