Katie Holmes The Best Revenge Body By Fitness Magazine

Katie Holmes The Best Body

Katie Holmes The Best BodyKatie Holmes The Best Revenge Body of the Year According to ‘Fitness’ Magazine : Like every year, Fitness Magazine has presented the woman who, according to their criteria, has the best figure of the year. In this case, the winner was the Actress Katie Holmes,  the Jack Reacher star Tom Cruise’s ex-wife.

Since last June, decided to end their marriage, Katie Holmes seems to have focused on her own person and has taken a radical turn her life constantly going to the gym and locker room sporting a much more sensual and daring.

This change of life, has earned the title of ‘Woman with the best figure of the year 2012‘, dethroning the actress Jennifer Aniston this year has been named the ‘Best Wedding’.

Moreover, Fitness magazine also has recognized the figures of other women like Blake Lively, who has been named as the best female with legs on the planet.

Michelle Obama has shown that her figure is still fashionable to appear on this list because of her arms, which have been chosen as the year’s best.

Newlyweds Jessica Biel and Justin Timberlake were deemed the mag’s “Most Fit Couple,” thanks to their shared love of all things sporty.