Weak WiFi Signal At Home: Try This Simple Trick To Boost Signals


Weak WiFi Signal At Home: Try This Simple Trick To Boost Signals: Try This Simple Trick:  To start Wi-Fi “sensitive”, weak WiFi signal is not enough to use at home now will be no more with this simple trick of using Cans.

That state of Wi-Fi always cause discomfort to any user. Suppose you want to climb to the roof to see a movie, but it is Wi-Fi on it so weak that the loss of regular wave going make you uncomfortable.
wi-fi-cans-trickHowever, all these problems will soon be solved with a simple trick. Although Wi-Fi is penetrating waves, but the quality still be affected by transmission through the walls too thick or large plate sure the path of the waves, and you can completely reorient the path of the carrier.
Wi-Fi will be much more powerfulThe AP will look a little … ugly but Wi-Fi will be much more powerful. The operation is simple, prepare a soft drink or beer cans aluminum if the AP (Access Point) to your antenna and two if there are two antennas then follow the instructions in the video below here and your Wi-Fi is “healthier” than relative. However, if the device’s Wi-Fi antenna you do not have … this would be bad news for you.