Picture of Obama Hugging his Wife on Facebook Makes History

Picture of Obama Hugging his Wife on Facebook and Twitter Makes History

Picture of Obama Hugging his Wife on Facebook and Twitter Makes History: The newly re-elected President of the United States, Barack Obama, has made history in social networks Facebook and twitter twice. After his ‘tweet‘ of victory became the message more ‘retweets’ photography in Facebook now holds the record of “Like“.
Picture of Obama Hugging his Wife on Facebook and Twitter Makes HistoryAs was the case in 2008 when Obama broke records for online fundraising campaign. On this occasion a photo with his wife, Michelle, and the phrase four “Four more years” was the most tweeted tweet by Internet users in the history of Twitter.

The picture of Obama hugging his wife after the election is, to this day, the image with the highest number of “Like” in the history of Facebook, as the social network has confirmed. Nearly 3 million so far (specifically, 2,966,667 people had made ‘click’ on the button at 14:20 pm on Wednesday, November 7).

In addition, nearly 350,000 people have shared the photo of Barack Obama in the walls.

Photography is the same who posted the U.S. president on Twitter, followed by the same message: “Four more years” (four years).

In microblogging social network, elections have been followed by millions of users, marking the tweets per minute maximum at 23.19 am ET, when it reached 327,452 tweets per minute discussing Obama’s victory. In total, Twitter estimates that elections in the U.S. have captured about 31 million tweets.

The world’s largest social network with the words elections have also been the stars of the night. According to an account of the social network, the most repeated words between 15.00 and 21.00, time ET in the U.S. yesterday, were “Vote”, “Obama” and “Romney”, in that order.

Once again Obama has shown great expertise in the use of Internet and social media to solicit votes for his candidacy for president of the United States, hopefully, remember that now as in the previous legislature that Red should be accessible, affordable, universal and neutral.