Penelope Cruz and Her Toned Legs Secret

Penelope Cruz and Her Toned Legs Secret

Penelope Cruz and Her Toned Legs SecretPenelope Cruz and Her Toned Legs Secret: Because not only are American actresses and celebrities from the Hollywood area noted for their physical.

Penelope Cruz has earned a place in the highest sphere, and though her great work has been what has put her among one of the most famous actresses in the world, her physique has also helped.

Angelina Jolie starred Since its high point during the Oscar Awards gala, has not stopped talking about legs. And still continue to hear comments from the snowy and slick leg consecrated actress and wife of Brad Pitt, we also want to extol the toned legs of our international actress.

She always has a spectacular physique and looked very elegant designs on the red carpet, except for her resounding comeback and remembered that sported a very narrow red paillettes dress by L’Wren Scott signed after giving birth to her first child Leo .

However, after having released maternity wear has achieved a figure never seen, much that has been said that in her nearly 40 years.

But successfully hides Penelope secret, and thanks to an interview with the Daily Mail Penelope Cruz personal trainer know what were the techniques that have led to the Spanish actress to show off legs for which more than one dreams about.

Actually, we should give them thank Gunnar Peterson, who has revealed what exercises are what makes Penelope to stay fit.

Actress reveals that a diet made throughout the year, which combines a daily exercise routine. Includes strength training with weights, exercise intervals that enhance cardiovascular endurance and stretching, muscles important for modeling.

This shows that she works hard to keep at bay and to show off her body without any remorse.