Kristen Stewart and Eva Mendes Hot Look At AFI Festival

Kristen Stewart and Eva Mendes Hot Look At AFI Festival

Kristen Stewart and Eva Mendes Hot Look At AFI FestivalKristen Stewart and Eva Mendes Hot Look At AFI Festival: We packed a few months to film festivals where the stars present their latest work and, despite being in constant focus of the tabloids, and Kristen Stewart and Eva Mendes would be able to navigate their way through the ‘Terrible’ photocall.

One of the most anticipated was the star of the Twilight saga, that after her well-known love foreplay with Rupert Sanders and subsequent reconciliation with Robert Pattinson, has become the media star of the moment.

Kristen attended the meeting to present their latest work in the world of film, On The Road, tape on which shares the spotlight with actors Amy Adams and Garrett Hedlund were also accompanying the presentation of the film.

The star of Twilight again wasting huge dose of sensuality with an original look based on the binomial Black & White which lately is becoming the preferred bet for each premiere.

Kristen paraded before the cameras assembled on site with her usual shyness and avoiding talking about Robert Pattinson and all the commotion caused by the rupture and subsequent reconciliation.

Meanwhile, Eva Mendes eclipsed photographers with a spectacular design of Dolce & Gabbana black lace that fit him like a glove and allowed him to perfectly emulate the last campaign of the Italian brand, inspired by the beautiful Sicily.

Mendes attended the AFI festival to present Holy Hollywood Motors but like Kristen, also avoided ruling on her boyfriend Ryan Gosling and ongoing wedding rumors surrounding the couple. And that night, it was about movies.