Sony Xperia Smartphone Receive Android 4.1


Sony Xperia Smartphone Receive Android 4.1: Sony has announced plans to upgrade to Android 4.1. The company has detailed the list of smartphones to receive Jelly Bean and the expected date for the update. The devices launched in 2012 are those that will take advantage of this update.

Having the latest version of Android is available to all devices. Every time a new version Google speculation models get update are repeated. For Bean Jelly speculations are produced for several months.

Now that Sony has won more market presence, the interest to know your schedule updates and fortunate is larger models. Therefore, the company wanted to clear doubts and announced their plans through its official blog.

Since Sony has explained that its latest models, the Xperia Xperia TX and T, V and the Xperia will be launched soon, will Jelly Bean from the first quarter of 2013. These models will be first, but not the only ones.

The company intends to update Xperia S, Xperia acro S, Xperia ion, Xperia S, Xperia Xperia J go and later. In this case there has been detailed when the devices will receive Android 4.1 and Sony has only said that it will announce “in due course”.

Looking to other devices in the company, namely the Xperia models of 2011, the company has said that they will stay with Android Ice Cream Sandwich. Sony explained that after “a thorough assessment”, have decided that Android 4.0.4 is the system that remain.

“Beyond the Ice Cream Sandwich, we would not be able to guarantee the owners of these smartphones user experience you expect and we demand. We will, however, continue to support these products with maintenance releases of firmware” , explained the company.