Acer Unveils Tablet Iconia W700P Professional

Acer Unveils Tablet Iconia W700P Professional

Acer Unveils Tablet Iconia W700P Professional: Acer has introduced its ‘tablet’ Iconia W700P professional. This is a Windows 8 Pro designed to be the ideal for the job. It features a 11.6-inch display and Intel Core processor, which promises high performance and power.
Acer Unveils Tablet Iconia W700P ProfessionalOn October 26 Microsoft will launch Windows 8, the new operating system. It is a system optimized for computers and ‘tablets’ and gradually reveal devices that use their possibilities. In the case of ‘tablets’, Ativ Microsoft Surface and Samsung are some of the models presented, but they are not the only ones.

Acer has decided to invest in this system and has presented Iconia W700P. The device features Windows 8 Pro, the most advanced version of the new Microsoft system. According to Acer the device and Windows 8 Pro offer some excellent management options, improved usability and advanced security. Acer has defined it as “the perfect choice for companies seeking reliable devices with solid performance that meet the requirements of management and security technology company.”

The Acer Iconia W700P features the third generation of Intel Core processors, promising faster performance, smarter and more efficient. As for the display, Acer has decided on a full HD IPS model of 11.6 inches, with 10 points of contact. The company has sought to provide consistent and accurate color, along with a wide viewing angle up to 178 degrees to share information better and make group viewing.

Iconia W700P features a stand that lets you position the ‘tablet’ in horizontal or vertical position. In horizontal, can be rotated up to 70 degrees, for presentations, or up to 20 degrees for a more ergonomic touch experience. For its part, the vertical position is designed to read or use.

Acer has explained that the support is easy to apply and remove and provides more connectivity options, including three USB 3.0 ports and a power input. Furthermore, the support has a specially designed tunnel for guiding sound and amplify sound from within the ‘tablet’, without requiring additional speakers.

Iconia W700P also features a pen, designed to draw or take notes by hand. The pen has a small tip to navigate between applications faster and more accurately than with your fingers, avoid touching items or incorrect icons. The tip of the pen to prevent the screen from being scratched or stained, while its clip can securely fasten the pocket or a carry case.

The device also known for having specific functions Acer. For example, the company has confirmed that the Iconia W700P can enjoy Acer Backup Manager and Acer Green function Instant on, you can turn the device in 6 seconds and wake from sleep in 1.5 seconds.