iPhone 5 CDMA Rumor or True: Many online media or related source who explained that the iPhone 5 is GSM smartphone manifold, but there is new news saying that Apple plans to release iPhone 5 CDMA.
iPhone 5 CDMA Rumor or TrueThe rumors were first noticed by MacRumors (01/10) of their source. Of explanation, Apple set to launch iPhone 5 CDMA within the near future. But from the description in MacRumors, it seems the only CDMA devices sold in the United States alone.

Indeed, there has been no official explanation from Apple about the iPhone 5 CDMA, but reportedly there are 6 types of devices which will be sold only by Virgin Mobile USA. From 6 types among others.

– MD250LL / A: 16 GB
– MD489LL / A: 32 GB
– MD574LL / A: 64 GB

– MD355LL / A: 16 GB
– MD566LL / A: 32 GB
– MD591LL / A: 64 GB

In addition there has been no official explanation for the price issue is still confusing. But it seems for the main specifications of the problem is not much different from the iPhone 5 GSM.