Apple Removing Java Software From Mac OS X


Apple Removing Java Software From Mac OS X: Apple has decided to remove the software from Oracle, Java, its operating system for Mac OS X. Through an update released Wednesday, Apple has removed the ‘plug-in’ of Java on all browsers for Mac.

Apple seems to be increasingly Java. One of the reasons for this decision may be due to security issue emerged last April, which affected the Macs in Cupertino.

The vulnerability exploited a bug in version of Java for Mac to penetrate systems. It was a virus that began operations in September 2011. However, around last April was when this ‘malware’ greater success achieved by exploiting a vulnerability in Apple.

It was known as the Flashback Trojan is installed on the Mac that did not have the latest version of Java released by Apple, allowing administrators to take control of the equipment. Thus, they had launched cyber criminals could create a threat bot net operated with equipment that could be used remotely for attacks or for sending spam.

After this incident, Apple solved through an update, it seems that the Cupertino want to let go of the Oracle software. The latest update released Java for OS X, OS X 2012-006, eliminates the ‘plug-in’ so it is no longer compatible with the browsers used on Mac computers

As reported by Apple in their support page, this updated version of Java is for versions of OS X 10.7 or later. This update uninstall ‘applet’ update provided by the ‘plug-in’ Apple Java for web browsers.

Apple says to use the ‘applets’ in a web page, you need to click on the “Missing plug-in” to download the latest version of ‘applet’ Java from Oracle’s site directly. This update also removes the Java Preferences application, which is no longer necessary to configure the settings of the ‘applet’, says the company.

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