Ariadne Artiles Laura Ponte Emma Watson And Blanca Suarez Sparkles

Ariadne Artiles Laura Ponte Emma Watson And Blanca Suarez Black And White And Pink Sparkle

Ariadne Artiles Laura Ponte Emma Watson And Blanca Suarez Black And White And Pink Sparkle: The benefit parties, awards, inaugurations and international celebrations get all our attention this week at the All for Fashion, and unpredictably the best dressed are nothing more and nothing less than the Spanish.
For once we get in the lead in terms of styling is concerned, although it must be recognized that are always the same ones that offer breathtaking bodies and the best outfits when posing for the cameras.
Ariadne Artiles Laura Ponte Emma Watson And Blanca Suarez Black And White And Pink SparkleSome are elegant, casual, provocative and chaotic, but before evaluating and unveil our ranking we will separate our girls from All about fashion styles as their outfits.

Well into the fall, the styles are stained dark colors, and how could it be otherwise black is among one of the safest bets for our protagonists.

And not everything is black, although one of the most used tones of the week, we are left with four of the many styles that we have seen these last five days.

Starting at the tail of the All for Fashion, Blanca Suarez stays in fourth place in the best dressed of the week. She entered and won in a night promised to be the most normal thing in the opening of the flagship store in Barcelona Liu Jo. The gorgeous actress attended the event alone, but did not need more than a black satin jumpsuit combined to dazzle white staff.

The girlfriend of Miguel Angel Silvestre opted for the black & white, a choice that could not get her out of the list of the best dressed of the week, plus your accessories look accompanied with a sober and elegant copper color.

The Emma Watson International has to settle for the bronze medal, and even one of the big bets of the week, the LBD of impeccable cuts refined the style Calvin Klein, designer label that produced this stunning design, has not managed to convince us to achieve a better position.

One of the most elegant famous Spanish scene has reappeared at a benefit this morning. Laura Ponte had long disappeared parties, fashion shows and photo shoots, and precisely for that and for his impeccable styling has crept into second place in our All about fashion.

She and only she knows how to hit each time, and a simple but original managed to brighten up a jacket tailor the most casual look, combining black imitation leather pants, a white shirt and stilettos. Laura Ponte has an innate elegance and style, and so has earned creditable second place.

For its part is not the first time that heads if not the first, one of the main jobs of all for fashion. Artiles Ariadne fell in love again in his last appearance with a look that was a nod to the cause it was supporting.

The Canarian put the spark pink at the event to support the fight against breast cancer, pink evening, which organized the magazine Yo Dona and where Ariadne was the real star thanks to the cover he has done on the occasion of the International Day breast cancer.

Pretty ojipláticos top left staff with a mini dress in pink paillettes stick left guessing every curve of her body and the LF could boast legs. Ariadne combined this look with a necklace of bright pinks and beiges some stilettos.

Although for styling incomprehensible Arnelas Soraya, who attended an event where I had to pick grapes and for which slipped into a more rustic look than: floral dress, black stockings, high boots, even did not forget the rosary possibly to ensure not falling while crushing grapes.

And so, with a whole medley of stunning outfits and chaotic, we take the closure in the All for Fashion until next week. Of course, we hope to have more hits than that emphasize stylistic disaster.