New Logo of Microsoft 2012 Changed After 25 Year: Microsoft has retained its logo last for 25 years no less. Before that he had spent some more unnoticed, and now everyone was accustomed now to that or cut by S that seemed to move. Four-plus-were slogans that preceded the colorful logos and Metro infected current logo.

Microsoft unveils its new logo 2012
Microsoft Unveils New Logo 2012

Bill Gates founded one of the largest companies of the world in general, and technology sector, in particular in 1975. In its infancy, the company had a very 70’s logo, letter composed of many lines that lasted four years.

The original logo was quickly replaced in 1980 by another that lasted even less. The company decided to go for something simpler design of black lines, which curiously resembled the Metallica logo, which was formed just a year later. Was that the reason that the Redmond giant decided to leave in 1982?

Just 30 years ago broke a new logo called Bibblet, characterized by appearing on a green background, yellow letters and have a big ‘O’ that simulated a light on.

This logo lasted until 1987, when the company decided to adopt that represent Microsoft for 25 years. Pac-Man was the name chosen for the new logo, designed by Scott Baker in Helvetica italic typeface. Over the past 25 years, Microsoft has decided to continue investing in this logo and has just added a couple of specific slogans: “Where are you going today?” and “Your power. Our passion”.

What is striking is that in these five decades, the company has not had a distinctive symbol, has always maintained an exclusive bet for typography that has accompanied products, communications and office.

Microsoft has always associated its brand name. It occurs as with Apple, a company better known for its apple that is written about how his word. Now, Microsoft has decided to incorporate your logo and a symbol chosen is inspired by its best-known product: Windows.

The Redmond giant has recognized the importance of a symbol at this time and so now the Windows came with Microsoft word, written in the font. Certainly, having an attractive symbol, small and easy to remember is key to incorporate into boxes, buttons on devices, etc..

The addition of this symbol to the logo, together with the adoption of the Segoe font that we’re used to seeing on pages and menus of the devices in the U.S., has undoubtedly been a success. A new step for a renewal of the image of Microsoft products in the right direction.