Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes Cheaper Divorce of 2012

Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes Cheaper Divorce 2012

Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes Cheaper Divorce of 2012: The fight between the couple Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes to settle their marriage is over sooner than anyone imagined. If at first struggled to agree on who would get custody of Suri, now have signed without question one of the strangest divorce.  Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes Cheaper Divorce 2012 The crux of the matter is that it was anticipated that Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes was going to take over the account to settle their divorce. Against all odds, Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes have signed the agreement, but so quickly smells ‘fishy’.

It turns out that Katie Holmes could have given up receiving a large sum of money provided to keep custody of her daughter Suri. And Tom Cruise, who wanted to fight against all odds for his daughter to stay with him, seems to have lost all interest in exchange for lower maintenance.

Specifically, and as reported by TMZ, Tom pay his ex-wife a sum of $ 400,000 a year, more than 300,000 euros, ie, more than $ 33,000 a month, about 26,000 euros, for living expenses until you meet Suri 18.

Also be required to pay medical and dental expenses, and insurance, education and university education. Still, it is noteworthy that in this agreement, the couple finally agreed that Suri will attend a school based on Scientology, supposedly one of the reasons that led Katie to seek divorce to Tom Cruise.

This agreement was signed in less than two months since Katie Holmes filed for divorce for “irreconcilable differences.” However, although the actress has sole custody of Suri, Tom Cruise has a pretty flexible visitation.

It seems that whoever comes out ahead is Tom, who has managed to reduce the monthly maintenance of Suri and also she goes to a school that is governed by the foundation of Scientology, its main objective and therefore has fought Katie, who opposed it with all his might.