Apple Patent Smart Cover With Flexible Display for iPhone

Apple Patent Smart Cover With Flexible Display for iPhone

Apple Patent Smart Cover With Flexible Display for iPhone: Apple has patented a new cover design for the well-known ‘smart cover’ of your iPhone with a thin built interactive screen that show and e-mail notifications or turn into a keyboard. The patent does not mean that it develops, but the U.S. opens the possibility for the future.
Apple Patent Smart Cover With Flexible Display for iPhone   The images of Apple’s designs show a smart cover and are a flexible display since late August 2011 in the United States Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO).

“It’s a technology that incorporates a thin flexible display that can be integrated into the cover and without affecting the overall shape of the cover or device” tablet, “said the American company in the description of the patent.

This accessory would incorporate a screen to display e-mail notifications, social networks, notes or tasks, without requiring the user to check constantly present in the ‘tablet’. In addition, the intelligent design of this cover is designed to be flexible and able to provide support for the ‘tablet’ when open, as with the current series cover.

Also, the screen is divided into small pieces that allow for flexibility, open or closed depending on the iPad.

When closed to save the ‘tablet’, a small piece of the screen show notifications, while when it acts as a support, a print of the length of the device would light up to display messages or music player.

The design suggests, moreover, that this screen is interactive and can become a virtual keyboard on the size of ‘tablet’, and so take full advantage of the iPhone screen to project the desired information.

According to the company in the description of the patent, “the addition of the integrated display to the flexible cover greatly improves the overall functionality of the device compressed.”

For now, it is unknown if this design will ever arrive at the manufacturing facilities of Apple products, but it is not surprising that the company has preferred to ensure exclusivity, when it is involved in legal battles over patents with rival South Korea Samsung.