JYJ Yoochun Deleted His Twitter Account: YJ Yoochun surprised his fans by removing his twitter account @6002theMicky tonight.
JYJ Yoochun Deleted His Twitter AccountPreviously he had written the message:

“@6002theMicky: 늘 응원해주 시고 사랑해주 시고 정말 항상 감사 드립니다 앞으로 좋은 음악 연기 좋은 활동 으로 뵈고싶네요 … ^ ^ 다시한번 진심 으로 감사 드리고 사랑 합니다! ♥ ^ ^


“It was always grateful for the support and love over the years. I want to meet you all with good music and good acting and activities in the future … ^ ^ Once again, thank you sincerely and I love you! ♥ ^ ^

Shortly after writing the message, he was off his Twitter account.

Previously he had been asked this on his twitter account which was then rejected by Kim Jaejoong.

Many fans are hoping he just disable and not delete his twitter account for good.