Blizzard Warning For Theft of Users Personal Information

blizzard security update

Blizzard Warning For Theft of Users Personal Information: Blizzard has issued a statement announcing that it has detected an intrusion on their servers outside that allowed the theft of lists of Personal Information of users. The company has said that there have been no evidence that the bank details of its users have been exposed. As a precaution it is recommended to players of to change your password.
blizzard security update   In Cases of large companies who see their compromised systems are becoming more frequent. So far this year have succumbed systems LinkedIn or Nvidia, which could not repel hackers. Hackers are trying to do with the information stored in these systems company, thus compromising the integrity of user accounts.

The last to suffer an incident of this type has been Blizzard, a company that manages some of the most popular online games. Blizzard itself has been confirmed that the incident through a statement on its website.

Although we work in the business of fun, not every week is fun. This week, our security team discovered an unauthorized and illegal access to Blizzard’s internal network. We take steps to block access quickly and began to collaborate with the authorities and security experts to investigate what happened, “said the company.

Despite Blizzard’s response to detect intrusion, hackers had access to data stored in the system, as confirmed by the multinational. “There was illegal access to some data, among which is a list of email addresses of global users of outside China,” said the company.

Although not detailed the exact number of compromised accounts, that affect users around the world confirms that the impact has been severe. In particular, “the players of North American servers (which will usually have players in North America, Latin America, Australia, New Zealand and Southeast Asia)” are the most affected as hackers have also had access to “a the answer to the question of personal safety and information related to the Mobile Authenticator and the Authenticator Dial-In “.

Besides all this information breached, hackers have also had “access to a cryptographically encoded versions of passwords players servers America.” Blizzard uses a coding system to protect passwords in order to be “extremely difficult to extract the actual password.”

Blizzard is still investigating what happened, but wanted to reassure users. The company has said that no evidence was found that “suggest to have committed financial data such as credit card billing addresses or real names.” In addition, for North American users, the company said it removed the extra data “alone will not allow anyone to access a account.

As a precaution, the company has not hesitated to recommend that users change their passwords. “As a precaution we recommend that players who play on North American servers to change their password. Also, if you use the same password or similar passwords elsewhere, you might consider changing them too,” explained the company.

Blizzard has promised that in the coming days will be in contact with users who need to change their account data. The company has warned against possible attacks from phishing, ensuring that your mail “never ask for the password” user.

Finally, Blizzard has apologized for the whole incident. “We deeply regret any inconvenience this may have caused you and we understand that you will have questions. We take the security of your personal information very seriously and sincerely regret this has happened,” wrote the company.

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