How to Improving WordPress Blog SEO


Improving WordPress Blog Performance and Seo: I separated this time for you some ideas that can make a difference to your blog is best viewed, some things seem obvious, but do not always pay attention to it. I believe this list can help you in building your public website, with simple and effective changes.

Write down the tips:

Create amazing content: You will probably find it very cliche, but it is an undeniable truth and many of you are still failing to produce material that really attracts and enchants.

    Link a fantastic content: It is always a good idea to point links to the users as to resources on other websites that will be useful to them. Do not link to other sites with the hope of getting something in return. Find resources that are truly useful and share with your readers. People will respect you for that. However you can contact other bloggers relevant to your niche to get high relevancy backlinks. For this purpose you can contact a blogger outreach agency like Globex Outreach to make things easier.

   Use keywords in all your articles: The keywords refer to words or phrases you expect to be listed in a Google search. Once you’ve identified a term you would like to be listed, be sure to use that term a few times throughout your article.

    Use keywords in the Title: This is one of the great ways to get good placement in search results. However, it is important to remember that using Black Hat techniques, is not very elegant and can generate Google penalty.

    Optimize your URL structure (Permalinks): You must change the URL of the site so that your site is best seen by Google.

    Optimize images in your posts: To illustrate his topics and articles with graphics or a photograph that holds people’s attention to your content, make sure to use image titles and alt texts that adequately describe both the image and content article.

    Provide a Sitemap to Google: Google’s powerful like when you provide an overview of all pages of your site. The easiest and most effective way to deliver this much needed tool for SEO is simply install the WordPress plug-in called Google XML Sitemap. This plug-in will do all the hard work for you is to update automatically whenever you add new posts to your site.

    Keywords linking to your articles: internal links are a powerful way to let Google know about what are your items. They are a great way to increase page views on your site, it invites readers to click on links to read other articles. Still not joining your articles? You should.

    Link Related Posts: My last advice is to install WordPress Related Posts Plug-in and start calling for 4 or 5 similar articles at the bottom of each article. This is an excellent way to guide readers to more of her articles on similar topics and is a great way to guide the search engines about your site.

Well folks, I hope these ideas can be useful for you, as they were for me.
Any questions, please contact!