Yulia Kovpachik Protested Against Soccer Euro 2012


Yulia Kovpachik Took off Her Shirt Protested Against Soccer Euro 2012: The woman, the 23-year-old Yulia Kovpachik, took off her shirt and revealed the words “Fuck Euro 2012 ‘, before she went to the attack on the gleaming trophy as winners of European Championship finals may lift first July.

Yulia Kovpachik that reached to touch the trophy, before she was apprehended by security guards, are a part of the organization Femen, which consists of female university students, who fear that prostitution and the number of brothels will grow strongly during the European Football Championship.

She then raised his red shirt revealing the words “Fuck Euro 2012” painted on her abdomen. So she grabbed the cup with both hands, she was restrained by security guards, who seemed to have been previously advised of the protest.

They covered it with a blanket and took her to a waiting police car. The protest appeared to be the first action of a campaign against the tournament organized by Femen. The organizers hope that Euro 2012 will attract about one million foreign tourists.

Aware of the growing reputation of Ukraine as a new target of sex tourism, the organizers of Euro 2012 say they are taking steps to curb prostitution during the tournament.

The protests against the summer’s European Championship finals in soccer continues. This time it’s about the fear that the number of brothels will grow strongly during the tournament. Euro Cup on Saturday put forward to free show in the Ukrainian capital Kiev, and it utilized a woman to protest this summer’s major sporting event to be held in Poland and Ukraine. It writes Reuters.