John Travolta What the Blacklist of a spa?


John Travolta What the Blacklist of a spa?: Not a good season for the actor, who faces a sexual harassment claim. Now, if this were not enough, a former employee of the Peninsula Hotel Spa has unveiled details of their behavior.

As stated by Michael Caputo, a former staff member of the Peninsula Hotel, the name of John Travolta was added to the book of those who can not return to be above the floor of the hotel. The reasons for attending, according to an “inappropriate behavior”.

The same source told the ‘New York Daily’ who always called for a masseuse but leaving shocked and angry. The cause was the alleged habit of Travolta for “take off the towel and pose naked on the massage table and raise his ass on top.”

The massage course outraged and went out to talk direct with the hotel management telling what happened. After the situation is repeated, the star of ‘Greese’ was not invited back to the hotel.

According to Caputo adds, “there came a point where nobody wanted to go to give a massage.” Everybody came out and scared when the call came in receipt of the actor’s room for someone to perform a massage, no one wanted to climb.

However, Caputo recalls the actor was removed from the blacklist several times. We do not know if it was because of an ‘interesting’ amount of money, however, be stressed that the hotel refused to comment and attorneys for Travolta limited to discredit him and work to restore the honor of the actor.

No wonder that the situation in which John Travolta is involved is an opportunity for those who want to get easy money means paying millions of dollars to obtain any statement you turn on the morbidity of the hearing.

Travolta’s lawyer, Marty Singer said the same medium Caputon allegations are false, and argued that his client has continued going to the spa hotel in the last six months. “If he had been denied entrance Think you had become? When he never have done that, I guarantee it.”

For the lawyer, Caputo is just a disgruntled former employee with his work at the hotel and all are looking for their 15 minutes of fame. Until the trial will not know if the allegations are true, and if in fact the actor sexually harassed masseurs.